• The degree of hardness is to be considered. On the one hand, it is a personal preference and, on the other, it is based on body weight. Since the small 90×200 cm toppers do not serve for two people, everyone can choose the degree of hardness just as he needs it.
  • The height of Topper amounts to approximately 4 to 10 cm. The higher, the better, because with increasing height, the topper also gains support and longevity. Toppers under 4 cm height are not a good alternative since they then lose many of their actual positive effects
  • The cover of the topper should, on the one hand, be removable and on the other hand washable at 60 degrees. From a temperature of 60 degrees in the washing machine mites, bacteria and Co. are reliably killed

What speaks for a 90×200 cm mattress topper?

True to its name, the mattress “Topper” comes on the mattress itself, thus serving as a direct sleeping pad. This is a distinction to pull mattress protectors, which are usually placed between slatted frame and mattress to protect the mattress there from mechanical damage by the slatted frame. The topper in 90×200 cm size must now fulfill two overriding tasks as a support on the mattress: it should protect the mattress itself from external influences and at the same time sustainably increase the comfort in your own bed.

The protective function ensures that the mattress does not suffer from direct external influences, such as dust or moisture. Both are reliably absorbed by the 90×200 cm mattress topper, which in turn increases the longevity of the mattress itself.

The comfort function, however, is primarily ensured by the material of the topper, to later in a separate paragraph more. In general, the topper should improve the pressure distribution, ensure optimum temperature control and can at least in one direction still adjust the degree of hardness.

Inbox spring beds, toppers also fulfill an aesthetic function. There are many ideas coming to your mind; such as when to buy a mattress on sale? But you do not have to worry. There is a sale now in our online store.